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Each of our partners are members of The Central Association of Agricultural Valuers (CAAV) and the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), we can help with any of the following: -

Valuation and Compensation - With all partners being members of CAAV and RICS we are able to assist in the following valuations: -

  • Matrimonial settlements
  • Taxation (Inheritance, Capital Gains and Stamp Duty)
  • Lending Purposes
  • Insurance Claims
  • Stocktaking
  • Property Acquisition
  • Litigation and Expert Witness


Wayleaves, Easements & Compulsory Purchase - Fox Bennett regularly negotiate with service providers on behalf of farmers and landowners.  Many such bodies enjoy legal rights of access onto private land for the installation, repair, replacement and maintenance of pipelines, cables and fixtures.  These undertakers are obliged to pay compensation to the landowner in accordance with the relevant legislation.  The companies are liable to pay compensation for losses or damage caused directly by their works.  If you have any problems, let us help you with the paperwork for all of the following: -


  • Water, Gas and sewerage pipeline compensation
  • Telecommunications
  • Wayleave agreements of BT equipment
  • Valuations for insurance purposes
  • Water main bursts
  • New road schemes
  • All other compulsory purchase land for any purpose


Single Farm Payments & Environmental Schemes - Fox Bennett agricultural departments can aid farmers and rural property owners seeking to work closely with the Single Payment Scheme in such matters as:

  • Ongoing management and claims for Single Farm Payment, Entry and Higher Level Schemes
  • Changes required as a result of business restructuring or changes of occupation
  • Sales, transfer and leasing of Entitlements
  • Solving specific problems


Planning & Development - Fox Bennett offer a range of services if you are considering any type of development including: -

  • Submitting planning application
  • Submitting prior notifications for agricultural buildings
  • Design of farm and other buildings
  • Farm diversification opportunities
  • Representations to Local Authorities regarding Development plans
  • Certificates of Lawful use and Development
  • Development land
  • Option Agreements and Conditional Contracts for future development
  • Indentifying Development opportunities
  • Negotiations with Developers
  • Planning Appraisals

Management of Rural Property - We manage a wide variety of agricultural and rural property.  With a thorough understanding of both the rural, professional and property sectors, Fox Bennett can offer maintenance, upkeep, account keeping and the management of complete property portfolios including: -

  • Agricultural estates and farmland
  • Houses and flats
  • Retail and office units, industrial and commercial sites


Agricultural law, Farm Business Tenancies & Grazing Arrangements - Fox Bennett offer advice and support for a wide range of needs specific to the rural and agricultural setting for both the landlord, tenant and general matters that involves the law.  Tenancy work includes preparation of farm business tenancies and grazing licences, rent reviews, tenancy succession applications, milk quota and Single Farm Payment assessments.

 We can advise both Landlords and Tenants in relation to matters in conjunction with an Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 Tenancy and a Farm Business Tenancy under the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995.

This can also include: -

  • Compensation for either party at the end of a tenancy including Tenants Pastures, Growing Crops, Unexhausted Values of Feeding Stuffs, Fertiliser and Lime Applied, Sod Fertility Claims, Tenants Buildings, Tenants fixtures and Dilapidations
  • Serving of the Appropriate Notices under either act
  • Notices to Quit
  • Arbitration and Independent Expert Witness Advice and Representation


Plans, Maps & Boundary matters - Plans have always been required for agricultural businesses, for land sales, tenancies, valuations, grants and subsidies.  Fox Bennett have a vast resource of OS paper maps as well as modern digital mapping software.  Plans can be produced with field names, numbers, areas and even shaded for individuals requirements.  With plans and further surveying equipment, we can also assist in establishing correct and new boundaries of properties.

The above list is far from exhaustive and there are many other matters not listed - please contact us for further advice.

 David R Bennett - Tel: 0116 2894719
 Richard G Newey - Tel: 0116 2814931

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