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Fox Bennett are Agricultural Mortgage Corporation (AMC) agents

AMC was established in 1928 to meet the need for medium to long-term finance in the agricultural industry.  Today, they remain specialists in finance for the rural sector, lending to all types and sizes of farming-related businesses in England, Wales and Scotland.

 AMC offer funding for any business purpose including:


  • Buying land
  • New buildings and fixed equipment
  • Restructuring borrowing
  • Paying out a retiring partner
  • Land improvements
  • Horticulture related investment
  • Machinery purchase
  • Diversification
  • Working capital


How much can you borrow …?

Individuals, partnerships, companies, trusts and pension funds – all can borrow from AMC.  The minimum amount is £25,001 and there is no maximum.

 ….and for how long?

You can repay your loan over any period from five to 40 years.  There is no further review of security values or annual accounts once the loan has been established, apart from exceptional circumstances and provided that obligations to AMC continue to be met.  A loan can be “rolled over” (i.e. the term can be extended) to accommodate changing family circumstances or new security arrangements, subject to approval.

Loans can pass from generation to generation.  In other words a loan is not repayable on the death of the borrower and cannot be recalled for the term of the loan provided that obligations to AMC continue to be met.

 Interest rates

AMC offers the choice of a variable o fixed rate of interest or a combination.  Both are negotiable and there is a high degree of flexibility.  You can, for example, take a variable rate initially and after a while fix for an agreed period for a fee.  The loan will revert to a variable rate after this fixed period or you can elect to fix for a further period.


Instalment options include both repayment and “interest only” loans.  Where instalments consist only of interest, the capital sum is repayable at the end of the term.  Payments of instalments can be monthly, quarterly or half yearly or on dates which suit the cash flow of your business.  Interest is always charged daily and 17 days in arrears.  There is no mandatory requirement to purchase life or endowment cover or payment protection for your loan.

 Additional loans

Additional loans to existing customers are very straightforward.  Provided there is sufficient security for your further loan it can usually be arranged quickly with very little paperwork or other procedure.

 For further information and a no obligation consultation please contact: -

David Bennett or Richard Newey on 0116 281 4931

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